Peter Latchford writes on public sector effectiveness and on social justice.  His articles have appeared widely in the national and specialist press.


His latest book, The Resilient Cultural Organisation (Acorn Press 2015), looks at how enterprise approaches can help cultural organisations succeed.

Spot on! —Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair of Arts Council England


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His previous book, African Igloos and Public Service Heroes (Wingfast 2010), deals with the challenge of bringing greater enterprise to public services.

This is a book for our time when public funds are now in short supply; it shows how to stop spraying money at problems and grip the practical details. Latchford offers encouragement to all those who work in the public sector and are fed to the teeth of inefficient, impersonal and rule bound cultures. He shows us “a good way to spend life” through a new and honourable vocation.  Essential reading for ‘Big Society’ enthusiasts and those rare politicians who are interested in what is actually going on in the bowels of the ship of State when, as a Minister, they press the green button!  –Lord Mawson (review in the House Parliamentary Magazine)

Making the public sector more efficient, more responsive and more modern is one of the great challenges in this country. Politicians and administrators alike will benefit from this book, which gives a series of practical proposals, based on real-life examples, to improve public services. Peter Latchford has made a significant contribution to helping us grapple succesfully with this complex and difficult issue. —Damian Green MP

Peter Latchford’s passion for public service weaves its way through this trenchant and practical guide to how to achieve fairness and effectiveness. He is a master at illustrating the big idea with practical experience. This is truly inspiring guide to public service reform. —Simon Fanshawe, Author and Broadcaster

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